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Producing center of Anatoly Zubkov

Welcome to the official website of the composer and sound producer Anatoly Zubkov!


For more than 30 years, composer Anatoly Zubkov has been writing music for films and songs for Russian pop stars. In December 2013, his author's album "Stars for You" was released, which contains the most interesting and vivid songs of the composer.

Anatoly Zubkov is very active and successful in creating music for films, writing songs and soundtracks for the best Russian films and series.


As a producer, A. Zubkov collaborates only with the best arrangers and studios in Moscow, so the songs he releases sound equally good in clubs, on the radio, and in the Kremlin.


Composer Anatoly Zubkov says this about the essence of creativity:

"In order to write a melody, you need to know your craft well. But really good music

comes only when the concept of life and creativity become inseparable,

when writing music becomes just as necessary and natural for you how to breathe."

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